Biographies of Emigrants

This section hosts biographies written by descendants about their ancestors. I'd like to thank Chuck Richards for suggesting the idea and those that have contributed. If you have a Manx Mormon ancestor and you would like to write a biography please e-mail me at I hope you will all enjoy this section.

Please note that as this section is not the result of my own research I am not responsible for the information contained within these documents.

Edward Callister

I would like to thank Paul D. Callister for supplying 'Edward Henry Callister: A Biography by Paul Q. Callister'. Paul states that he believes it is in the public domain and as he is a Professor Of Law I am happy to take his word. The biography despite its title probably tells us more about Ann Cowley, Edward's wife than Edward himself. Edward was often known as Ned.

Biography of Edward Callister

James Corlett and Catharine Clarke

Biography of James Corlett and Catharine Clarke
written by Kathie Marynik

William Kelly

A brief history of William "Edward" Kelly and his Family written by Paula Anderson

Maps referred to within the biography:
A Location of Isle of Man
B State of Illinois showing Hancock County & Nauvoo
C Townships in Hancock County, Illinois
D Sonora Township, Plat Map 1874
E Historic Nauvoo Showing John Kelly's Property

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