Interesting Manx Pioneers

Interesting Manx Pioneers and Descendants

John Thomas Caine: Raised at the Anderson Farm, Patrick. Managing Editor of Salt Lake Daily Herald. Member board of regents of the University of Deseret 1876-1886. Congressman 1882-1893. Defeated Democratic candidate for Governor of Utah 1896 State Senator. Director of Zion's Savings Bank.

Thomas Callister: President of Millward Stake (equivalent to a Bishop in The Church of England). Member Nauvoo Legion (e.g. Major in 1858 with 100 Cavalry and 500 infantry under his command). Served in Utah legislature 14 years.

George Cannon: Made death masks of, and coffins for, Joseph and Hyrum Smith

Margaret Comish: John Taylor 3rd President/Prophet of the church was living at her home at the time of his death.

Thomas Karren: Member of Mormon Battalion.

William E Kelly: Member of Mormon Battalion.

Thomas McKay: Attended School of the Prophets, Nauvoo

William G Mills: Irish born but raised on the Isle of Man. Chief Clerk for the Steam Packet Company at the time of his conversion. First mayor of Gilroy, California; J.P. in Utah. Writings were published in the Manx Sun; Manx Liberal; Millennial Star, Liverpool; Family Herald, London; Salt Lake Tribune; Salt Lake Herald; Deseret News, Salt Lake; Godey's Lady's Book; Tullidges Magazine & from the Weekly Budget, London he received two prizes for the best poems open to people in Great Britain and Ireland. Author of "Arise O Glorious Zion" Hymn no. 40 in the current LDS Hymn Book.

James Quayle: Vice President Logan Temple. Mayor of Logan.

Apostles Of The Church Of Manx Descent

George Q Cannon: Son of George and Ann Cannon Apostle 1860. President of European Mission 1860-1864 and Editor of Millennial Star. Private Secretary to Brigham Young. 1867 - Editor of Deseret News. Territorial delegate to Congress 1872-1881. First Counselor to John Taylor, Wilford Woodruff and Lorenzo Snow.

Abraham H Cannon: Son of George Q Cannon. Ordained an apostle 1889.

Mathias F Cowley: Grandson of James and Isabelle Ann Cowley. Ordained an apostle in 1897.

Sylvester Q Cannon: Son of George Q Cannon. President Netherlands Belgium Mission. President Pioneer Stake. In 1925 was Presiding Bishop. In 1939 ordained an Apostle.

Matthew Cowley: Son of Mathias F Cowley. Ordained an Apostle in 1945

Other Prominent Men In Utah With Manx Parents

Angus M Cannon: Son of George and Ann Cannon. Mayor of St George for 2 years. Business manager of Deseret News. 8 years County Recorder for Salt Lake County. President of Salt Lake Stake.

David H Cannon: Son of George and Ann Cannon. President of St George Temple

Edward H Callister: Son of Edward and Ann Callister. Prominent Utah politician. Chairman of State Republican Party. General Manager Herald - Republican newspaper.

Other Church Leaders with a Manx Connection

John Wells: Though born and raised in Nottinghamshire he had a powerful religious experience while reading the Book Of Mormon during a holiday on the Isle of Man that resulted in his conversion. He was baptised in Nottingham in 1882 as a result and from 1918-1938 he was Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric (the Church's highest leadership postitions within the Aaronic Priesthood).

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